Every year there are at least a few ad campaigns that are immediately irritating and played out by week 2. It is one of the obnoxious traditions of football that has only gotten worse as we’ve gotten more ad time. Usually by this point in a season the worst of the worst have truly separated themselves. This year? The champ. is here. Bum dada bum bum bum!

So far this one particular ad for NFL shop.com has been the bane of my existence. I think the reason it is the one I hate the most is simply due to how intrusive the audio is. Most commercials, even the ones I hate (like STATE FARM AGENT ADS UGH) I can kind of tune out while talking to people near me or by working when I’m by myself. But the NFL shop ads have decided to use a song that DEMANDS YOUR EARS. No matter where you are, if you are within earshot of a game, you’ll hear those fucking drums kick in and it will disrupt your thought process. DA CHAMP IS HEER!

What’s worse is that it ruins a pretty decent song, and I say this as a guy who doesn’t listen to rap at all (I like my music slower, atmospheric, and devoid of singing). I didn’t know what song this was before this year and when I looked it up to link it I was surprised to find out I actually like it. It works pretty well in context. It’s a quality pump you up bragging jam, and I’m told Jon Jones in the UFC comes out to it. Now that’s the kind of context a song like this is meant for. Not selling me t-shirts using a short irritating loop sample of the song.

So fuck these ads. But they aren’t the only ones this year that suck, and part of the reason I wanted to make this comic (besides taking the opportunity to bitch about it) was that this ad has made me think of all the terrible commercials we get, this year and beyond. I want to make a bracket of the worst of the worst ad campaigns, and I want you to do the initial nominations. So let’s do two brackets – The worst 2019 season ad campaigns, and the worst of all time.

In the comments, or on twitter/fb whatever, nominate a pick for both categories. If you see someone has nominated one already, try to give me a different one. We aren’t choosing the worst yet, just trying to name as many as humanly possible, to see if I can make a decent sized bracket.

I’ll start with a few nominations myself.

All Time – Saved By Zeeeeeeeeeero

Give me the ad campaigns you hate the most!