I have a comic about Alrick Rosas half done but due to errands and other obligations I didn’t have time to finish it, so here’s a doodle of a machine from Nier Automata, which I recently finished.

Since the states are starting to re-open and in a few weeks will probably shut down again because we did absolutely nothing to handle the virus during the downtime, I figured I’d ask you fine folks what cool new stuff you’ve played/listened to/seen during the quarantine. We’ve mostly all been stuck indoors with nothing open to spend time at, what have you discovered in that extra free time? I’ve played a bunch of video games and seen some new shows that will be added to my favorites of all time.

-The Witcher 3 – 
Some of the best stories and writing in a game I’ve ever seen and a few moments that will stick with me forever. However, that was about all it did well. I found the gameplay itself very clunky, the combat was total ass, half the systems seemed irrelevant (like potions and alchemy in general) and could have been cut or severely streamlined with little of value lost, and the world was too big for it’s own good. Basically, a great universe with great characters on a great quest that wasn’t much fun to actually play.
-Nier Automata – A weird depressing existential masterpiece with probably the best soundtrack I’ve heard in a game in years. If you can get past the extremely anime designs of the main characters you are in for one crazy ride. Also a rare case of a game sticking the landing (as long as you play to the true ending and not just the first ending).
Resident Evil 2 Remake – Really good until you leave the police station, then it becomes mediocre and I’m not sure why so many people thought this was game of the year material
Resident Evil 3 Remake – Just straight up mediocre as hell, do not recommend

-Avatar The Last Airbender – I didn’t watch Nick as a kid (I was a cartoon network boy) so this one never reached me until they just put it on Netflix. It’s perfect. I love it. Possibly the best super powers/magic powers universe I’ve ever seen. Harry Potter and Marvel movies can eat my ass.

Ready or Not – Pretty good horror/comedy movie with a great premise and an ending I did not expect that filled me with glee

The Expanse series- 
I didn’t read the whole series in quarantine but I got caught up with everything released so far, and the latest two books were incredible. Probably the best sci-fi universe going right now. The show is great too, and it gets better as it goes.

Outside that I’ve mostly been biking, drawing, and giving myself anxiety headaches because 2020 is literally hell. What’s been getting you through it?

Have a safe and righteous Juneteenth, everybody Lets make today a national holiday.