The country is officially starting to open back up! Right on time for another wave of Corona because we didn’t spend any of that downtime building infrastructure to deal with the virus that caused the shutdowns to begin with! Yay America! Let’s run up the score on all those other countries with fewer deaths. In the meantime, while we burn, the big sports leagues are starting to try and figure out how to make this work. From what I can tell, Baseball seems to be the one fucking it up the hardest.

Football is set for the moment. Corona hit at the perfect time for football season to survive. At this rate though there seems like a decent chance we will not be through the woods by the time the season actually begins. I wager that right now the head honchos at the NFL are paying extremely close attention to whatever the MLB does, as they’ll soon be in a similar position of having to start a season during the pandemic.

The NBA has decided to give 22 teams (every one that still had playoff hope) a chance to duke it out in a contained tournament in Orlando. It seems like the players union and the league is moving forward with this plan. Apparently they will not stop play if an infection is found in a single player, but beyond that things may change. The season should be over by early Oct, which I presume means the next season will be delayed. More info here.

The NHL is moving ahead with a similar idea, going straight into the playoffs with an altered format. More info here.

Then we have Baseball. Baseball is really fucking it up. Baseball had a chance to be the first sport to return: they failed. They promised there would be a 2020 season…now that is in jeopardy. The owners are trying to screw the players and being very cheap about the whole thing. Rob Manfred, the current commish, seems like a big ol’ dumbass that nobody likes. I don’t venture much into baseball world but judging from his pathetic Astros punishment and now this latest debacle, he might be the worst commish of the big 4? The entire league seems like a mess who is trying to publicly pin the failures on the players for negotiations but pretty much everyone agrees the owners are being dicks. The players seem rightfully mad. We aren’t closer to having Baseball than we were a month ago, and at this rate the season might actually be too short. Yes, too short even for baseball. I await the next update with glee.

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