This was a big week for kickers! Graham Gano ripped my heart out with a 63 yard game winner, one of only 4 60+ yard game winning field goals in the final seconds ever. Of course, another one of those 4 happened against the Giants just last year when the Eagles did it. That’s some shit.

Gano’s kick would have been good from 70 yards, dude kicked the hell out of that ball. Cairo Santos also kicked a big game winner against Seattle to help the Rams pull off a surprisingly tough game. The Hawks came to play and honestly looked like themselves for a while, but it wasn’t enough to stop the Rams.

Greg Joseph won the battle of the kickers between Cleveland and Baltimore. He missed one earlier so the knuckleball in overtime was redemption. Boy it sure was a knuckleball though, possibly the worst game winning kick I have ever watched. I thought it got blocked but then the Browns started to party and then I saw the replay of the ball actually flop its way over the crossbar like a salmon that died mid-leap. Doesn’t matter, still counts!

Then there’s Mason Crosby.

C-c-c-combo breaker! Mason missed 5 kicks, 4 field goals and one extra point. He completed the rare feat of managing to doink a ball off both uprights in the same game. By miss 3 I don’t even know why the Packers even bothered sending him out there. It’s not like they were playing a close game, they probably could have used more risky plays at that point since the Lions were stomping them. But hey, Mason kicked a field goal at the end of the game, when they were down by 11. That should help.