The best part of early season NFL is you still really don’t know who is good and who is bad yet. Everything will ultimately become clear with time as we discover the frauds and which teams are actually contenders. For example: Are the Vikings good? It is very hard to know! Are the Bears good? They seem to be, though they’ve faced an easy schedule. What about the Lions? They look awful, and then they beat the Packers. The Titans? They showed up Jacksonville then lost to Buffalo. The Steelers beat Atlanta, but the Steelers got clobbered by the Ravens, who just lost to The Browns. The Browns lost to the Raiders, who have looked bad against everyone else. There’s so much mystery! Who is a pretender?

The Dolphins. The Dolphins are very likely pretenders. They started out 3-0 and I don’t think literally anyone gave them credit for it. I saw zero Dolphins hype. They beat the Titans week one, which as explained above is like…who knows? They then beat the Jets, who have also proven to be frauds (Except they just demolished the Broncos…what?), and then they came back to beat the Raiders, which was just par for the course for Oakland at the time.

I’ll give them a pass for losing against the Pats in Foxboro. They were never going to win that game. The Pats were due for a soul crushing reminder that they are just fine and the fish never win in Foxboro anyway. But the way they lost was pretty ugly and coming into this week against another 3-1 Cincy team that is also often a fraud the Dolphins had a chance to prove us all wrong. All of us haters who never believed in them. They did! until halftime. Turns out maybe the Bengals aren’t frauds. Yet. Wildcard weekend hasn’t come yet.

But was anyone really surprised the Dolphins lost? Can anyone tell me they thought the Dolphins were for real? I asked a Dolphins fan if he thought the team was good on Saturday night before this game happened. He laughed and said of course they were frauds. Even their own fans understand the depth of the fraud at play.

The Phins play the Bears next week, then the schizophrenic Lions, and then finally the Texans, who are for sure bad.

Wait. This is the remainder of their schedule:

That’s…not a particularly hard schedule if current trends hold true. This fraud team is gonna go like 8-8 or 9-7 and utterly disappoint everyone.