Most of my comics about the Bills are ultimately about how much it must suck to be a Bills fan. Tough life.

Whatever hope the Bills had after last season has already pretty much dried up. Josh Allen is about the only reason left to even keep your eye on the team, just to see what he ends up doing. They’ve played 4 games, and outside one fluke, they’ve looked positively abysmal in each one. If they hadn’t shellacked the Vikings out of nowhere they would probably be in contention with the Cards for worst team in the league. They still might be.

The majesty of stop-gap Nathan Peterman lasted what, 2 quarters of football? I don’t know what Sean McDermott kept seeing in that guy but he was clearly blind. Josh Allen now has to make do behind a garbage o-line throwing to Kelvin Buffettjamin and…uh…Zay Jones? I never believed in Josh Allen but this is not a situation in which most players would succeed so at this point I’m almost rooting for the kid because my goodness that’s a little bit hopeless.

At least they have tables they can wreck for a few weeks before the snow comes back and turns Buffalo into a miserable hellscape! Oh wait…shit.