If Antonio Brown never sees a football field again, he absolutely went out with style.

On Sunday, against the Jets, noted problem child Antonio Brown was spotted arguing on the sideline, taking his jersey and pads off, taking his shirt off, and throwing it into the stands, all before posing before the endzone crowd and stomping off into the locker room. When asked about it in the postgame conference Bruce Arians simply said he is no longer a Buc and then moved on. One last glorious moment of clownery out the door. It is hard to believe Brown will end up anywhere after this.

Brown’s side of the story tells the tale of a player who supposedly hurt his ankle, did not want to go back into the game while dealing with the injury, and was told right there on the field by Arians that he was “done”. At that point, Brown presumably yelled “you can’t fire me, I QUIT” and threw his tantrum for the ages. For a…substantial…number of reasons, taking Brown’s side of the story as truth is somewhat difficult. If what Brown said is true, and Arians has not yet really elaborated on the conversation that supposedly caused the explosion, then Brown was certainly right to be mad. But at this point can anyone trust Antonio Brown to give an accurate factual description of events? I don’t even have trouble believing Arians was the issue on this particular moment but it doesn’t matter. I am never going to give Brown the benefit of the doubt at this stage, after everything he’s pulled.

Brown at this point absolutely has to have some mental illness. I hope he receives help. I hope he finds peace and manages to be okay. I don’t know his personal life and what struggles he may be going through. But my empathy for the man stops there. He’s wronged a lot of people and he doesn’t get a free pass because he’s possibly brain-damaged. The NFL and the Bucs are to blame as well for enabling this behavior because he catches a mean touchdown, but Brown needs help more than he needs anything else. I genuinely hope his walkout is the last time he sets foot on a field. He got too many chances as it is.

I’m also not a fan of the idea that the Burfict hit “broke” him. While it by no means made him better, he was a diva before the hit and he didn’t immediately turn into a clown after it. There are stories of people getting brain damage and changing personality, but they aren’t common and unless a doctor specifically diagnoses this, I think it’s gross to assume that hit did it.

Not gonna lie though, Brown did what many of us dream of doing. Telling your boss to eat shit in as flamboyant a spectacle as possible? I wish I could have done that for like, at least 3 past jobs. If this tantrum happened in a vacuum without the baggage that comes with Brown, I’d be flat out cheering the man as a legend. May we all one day have a chance to go out guns blazing like Antonio Brown, a clown till the end.