It took 20 years and 7 super bowl wins for Tom Brady to finally be cool. At least for a day.

The team had what looks like a righteous boat party. Outside the fact that none of them wore masks (THERE IS STILL A PANDEMIC AND IN FACT THE NEW VARIANTS ARE EVEN WORSE SO WEAR A FUCKING MASK), it looked like a kickass good time. I did not expect The Avocado Man who drinks only water and has a specialized diet to sell you and has almost no charisma or much personality to suddenly get visibly sloshed, chuck the trophy around willy nilly and require assistance to walk. Watching drunk off his ass Tom Brady giggle while someone guides him off the boat might actually be the most normal and human he’s seemed since…well probably the infamous photo of him standing in his underwear at the combine. Watching a guy half the league reveres as a literal god who’s entire greatness appears to be based around his control and focus let loose and stumble around like he’s seeing double coverage (if you get my drift) was genuinely funny.

Probably one of the first times I’ve seen him with some authenticity. All his media and on camera appearances usually have the air of a filtered and measured persona, which is to be expected with someone of his stature but still rings hollow. Tom frequently feels inauthentic and guarded, with even his admittedly good social media presence still feeling particularly curated. Again, that’s probably in part to his massive celebrity and likely largely a result of him living in a different world than most people (he also has a wife who is in the same game), but there are plenty of stars where part of their appeal is exactly how authentic they are and the contrast of someone like Marshawn Lynch to Tom Brady probably contributes to how easy it is to be annoyed and hate Brady. You never felt like Marshawn was inauthentic. In fact, that authenticity is the main reason Lynch just is so fucking cool.

Anyway, I made this because I still saw people clutching pearls about Tommy being drunk off his ass on a boat and stumbling around and even as a well-established Tom Brady hater I just can’t be mad at the guy for this one. As a person in my twitter mentions put it, don’t go after the guy for the one cool thing he’s actually done. I’m glad he got to enjoy his win in a way he probably never could in freezing-ass New England with Professor Grumpus telling everyone no days off.

Next week should be the dog post! Thanks to everyone who sent in a pup.