The year is 2037.

It is the final season of the NFL. Years of lawsuits have gutted the sport. Infighting among the owners after the death of Jerry Jones has fractured the league. Fans have tuned into watching leagues like the Alliance of American Football, or not watching football altogether. The youth of America has started played other sports that do not cause brain damage.

The stadium is Khan’s Field in New Jacksonville. The game is over. The Old England Patriots have just defeated the Oklahoma City Saints, who are in year 3 of their new city after New Orleans was officially deemed un-salvagable from the rising water. It was a slugfest. The score of 78-67 is the lowest score in 3 years. The ratings will be remarked upon as the last great fizzle of the Netflix broadcasting company. It will soon be absorbed into the Amazon Government. Lord Bezos will finally have his prize after years old hold out.

The remaining 43 fans that haven’t left the 30k capacity stadium made entirely of infinity pools have gathered near the 50 yard line. The post-game ceremony has commenced. The Patriots are gathered around the stage, celebrating. Julian Edelman Jr hugs his family. Bill Belichick cracks a smile with the aid of his exoskeleton. Josh McDaniels, tears in his eyes, taps the number 87 patch on his jacket, worn to remember Rob “The Duct Taped Tight End” Gronkowski, who officially fell apart for good that offseason.

Roger Goodellbot 5000 rolls into position. After the celebratory speech, thanking the league and the slaved players, he hands the Lombardi trophy once again to Tom Brady, the greatest of all time. Winner of the last 7 straight Super Bowls and now in possession of 22 championships, Tom Brady gets the trademark gleam in his eye. He looks the same as he did 15 years ago. The TB12 method is working like a charm with the nanobots in his bloodstream. He hoists the trophy far above his head. He smiles broadly. Goodellbot holds the microphone up to Tom. Tom looks out at the crowd, and after a pause, he finally manages to speak.

“Nobody gave us a chance!”