So on Monday Night the Rams and the Bucs duked it out for NFC playoff positioning in a pretty great game. The Rams kind of solidified that they aren’t just recipients of an easy schedule, they are actually a pretty good team capable of winning tough games despite mistakes. The Bucs kind of solidified that although they have all the potential in the world, they are still a hastily thrown together superteam which hasn’t quite managed to come together as a unit full time.

A small storyline that came out of the game was that Tom Brady left Goff hanging. This probably wouldn’t be notable except it is the second time he’s left an opposing QB hanging at midfield looking for a handshake after his team took an L this season. The first instance was the loss to Nick Foles and the Bears. People noticed it then because Brady famously left Foles at the altar after the Eagles Super Bowl win. Tom Brady being a petulant baby and refusing to be a good sport is now a certified trend. It’s not a big story, but people have noticed. Mostly Tom Brady haters.

As a well-established Tom Brady hater, you may be expecting me to follow this up and mock the man for his tiny penis and poor sportsmanship. I am here to tell you that actually, Tom Brady not shaking hands doesn’t bother me at all. I have no problem with it. Do I think he’s a giant baby? Yes. Do I think he’s a poor sport? Yes. Do I think he’s a snake oil salesman who sells bullshit products to suckers of his fan club as a grift? You bet I do. Do I want him to be a good sport and shake opposing hands like an adult? Nope! I love that Tom Brady is a petulant child who throws baby tantrums and acts like a weeny when stuff doesn’t go his way. It makes him more fun to hate. It makes him a good heel. It’s much easier to say “Fuck Tom Brady that classless piece of shit” when he’s being a classless piece of shit than when he’s smiling and showing respect to the people who beat him.

What I do want to push back against is some of the coverage criticizing him for it. A lot of points that people have said are valid. Cam Newton and his type (the outspoken QB with personality) would get eviscerated for any show of poor sportsmanship. Cam, Baker, OBJ, hell even Kirk Cousins have faced stupid criticism from the media for the crime of showing emotions. Yeah, it’s bull that Tom can get away with this because he’s Tom Brady.

Thing is…I’m not sure he does get away with it? One of the downsides to being Tom Brady is he gets far too much attention regardless of what he does. Would other QBs get maligned for not shaking hands? I…don’t honestly know, because it’s never been a story for another QB as far as I can recollect. Maybe not shaking hands is semi-common but we only notice Tom Brady not do it because he’s Tom Brady. Tom is not “getting away” with abandoning Goff and Foles like the chump he is, he’s actively getting criticized for it. The fact that people even noticed, even bring it up in conversation, even use it against him is proof he’s not really getting away with anything.I’ve seen Tom Brady get criticized for “shit that other players couldn’t get away with” more than I’ve seen most other players actually get criticized for doing something.

Do these Tom Brady haters just wish that he’d get more criticism for it? I love to shit on Tom Brady, it’s a personal pastime, I put it on my resume under “hobbies” but for fucks sake, it’s a missed handshake. It’s not like he went up to Goff and stabbed him while crying that the game was rigged and he wanted a score recount. He just pissed off into the locker room because he’s a weeny who has broke competitor brain and can’t take an L. It’s not really worth much outrage. Just call him a spoiled brat boy who kisses his son too long and move on to the next story.

The real takeaway I have from this silly little narrative isn’t that Tom Brady needs to be a man and shake more hands, it’s that the media needs to stop holding players so accountable for emotion in the first place. Let Tom Brady be a petulant child who takes his ball and runs home when he loses, it’s part of what makes him fun. Let OBJ be a goof. Let Baker wake up dangerous. Let players be themselves more, and embrace the show.

Also fuck Tom Brady, hope he runs home and trips and falls in a puddle of mud. Then even his son won’t kiss him.