If you’d have asked me at the beginning of the season which notable player would get busted using a fake vaccine card, Brown might have been my first choice. Glad to know some people just fit right into the stereotype of who they are.

I’m not surprised there were fake vax cards being sold to players on the Bucs. I wouldn’t be shocked if there are some fake vax cards on every team. The real question now is what happens to Brown. Bruce Arians was one of the most vocal proponents of the vaccine. With his health problems, he very much values safety. The Bucs were one of, if not the first, “fully” vaccinated team. He’s also on record saying that if Brown does anything stupid, he’s gone.

He said that before Brown helped the Bucs win a super bowl. Brown has mostly been quiet with the nonsense until this occurred. Kick him off the team, Bruce. Stick by your guns. Send the clown into the sewers once more.