I’ve never seen the NFL award someone a pity “___ of the week” award before. Jared Goff won NFC Offensive Player of the week. He threw 3 touchdowns and one INT against the Vikings in the Lions first win of the season. Did Jared Goff really deserve that award? Stafford threw 3 TDs in a Rams drubbing of the Jaguars. Brady threw 4 TDs and a pick, and 50+ more yards. Maybe the NFL is tired of giving Brady awards. In any case, we likely just saw what will be the highlight of the Jared Goff era. The Lions might win a few more games with him, especially if they keep him around as a stopgap next year, but I’m not sure any of them will feel quite as sweet and redemptory as this win felt.

Poor Goff is a tragedy in some ways. He was a bad QB drafted by a Jeff Fisher squad that didn’t do him any favors. Sean McVay came in and suddenly the Rams offense worked with Goff, and Goff got absolutely none of the credit. I’ve never seen a QB get less credit for success than Goff did. The dude got to a Super Bowl, and even then he was just McVay’s puppet. I don’t think the criticisms were unwarranted and I honestly agree McVay was the driving force behind that turn, but I still felt kinda bad for the guy. No respect at all. He still had to make the throws.

The Rams paid the man, but then dumped him for an aging dude from Detroit who never won anything meaningful. And now he’s stuck on a junior varsity roster so bare that a college team might actually stand a chance on it. Goff has been awful all year. Bad enough that the Lions might have actually had a couple of wins before this game. But hey. He got 2 minutes to deliver a game-winning drive and by golly the man did it. The Lions have won a game.

I hope they give Dan Campbell a real chance and let him build something. The dude is genuinely really likable as a coach and nobody is going to be good with a team like this. As it stands, the Lions remain #1 overall for the draft, and this is a bad year to need a QB. With how tough this team plays, I fully expect the disgraceful Texans to have it by year’s end but we’ll see.

For a minor point in Goff’s favor, apparently he’s dating an SI swimsuit model that Ian Rapoport is thirsty for.