And then there were four. So far, none of these playoff games have been really great. We usually have at least one great game per round, but so far most of them have been largely letdowns. The best we’ve gotten is arguably Colts/Bills, the very first game, but even in that one the Bills were leading pretty much the entire time and it got tense at the end. Browns/Steelers was the most entertaining game so far, but not because it was a good game. Browns/Chiefs got tense at the end, but only because Mahomes got knocked out and the Chiefs were trying to hold onto the lead with old man Henne.

The biggest scandal of the week is probably the stupid touchback rule once more rearing it’s ugly head against the Browns. It seems like a love it or hate it rule. I hate it. If the ball is fumbled out of bounds anywhere else on the field, it gets returned to the spot of the fumble. It should be treated the same way in the endzone. Fumble returns to spot of the fumble, you lose a down but retain possession. If this was the rule I doubt people would be mad about it when it happens, even the people who currently defend it. Defenders of the rule largely see the endzone as sacred hallowed ground that deserves special treatment, so they think no turnover is simply not acceptable. For me the problem is the inconsistently across the field. If the endzone is a turnover, then all fumbles out of bounds should be turnovers. If not, then none. If you want to argue the endzone is a special zone that requires more punishment, I can buy that, but I’d rather see them instead place the ball back at the 5 or 10 yard line instead. Even if you don’t punish the offense as much, there is still no incentive to fumble. This rule takes place maybe 3-4 times per season, a simple change wont affect much. And stop comparing the rule to touchbacks on kicks or punts, punts especially. Punts are a deliberate transfer of possession, done to save field position instead of giving it over too far back. Fumbles are not.

If you want to change rules so the defense is slightly better off, the real problem is still mild 5 yard penalties that give auto-first downs. No defensive penalties outside personal fouls should be automatic first downs, unless the penalty yardage gives the team a first down anyway. I’m so sick of seeing hands to the face giving a team with 10 yards to go a first down. That happens far more often and is more bullshit.


BROWNS – The Browns defense probably held this team back from being truly championship caliber, but this season was a wild success either way. There’s no reason for Cleveland to feel anything but pride after this year. I can only hope the trend continues.

RAVENS – Well that was a very unfortunate ending. The weather in this game probably kept us from a classic, but that pick6 followed by the bad snap/concussion was probably the most devastating minute of Ravens football all year. Lamar has taken the Ravens to 2 straight divisional matchups in a row by the age of 24 and is an MVP. Anyone who uses this game against him is a moron. The Ravens need to get him a better line and a true #1 target and he’s going to rule even more.

SAINTS – That was a bummer. The final battle of the Olds basically boiled down to watching Brees end his career in real time. That’s it. He’s out. A depressing end. The Saints are going to be very different next year, the question is do they commit to the Taysom Hill experiment or the Jameis party? Should be Jameis. This team is built to win now, Jameis is the only guy they can possibly get to take them there anytime soon. Especially in the cap hell they are in. End of an era. Farewell, Drew.

RAMS – This team was never going to make it with how banged up they were, but they proved that the McVay magic wasn’t just one season, this team is here to put up a fight for a while.



This is going to depend very heavily on Mahomes. He appeared to have foot problems early in the game and then left for the rest of the game after being awkwardly wrapped up. If Mahomes isn’t himself, this is probably the Bills game to lose. As it stands, this should be incredible. Also, whoever comes out of this game has my endorsement for champion.
If the Bills win, I will draw Josh Allen on a buffalo with wings flying through the sky with Diggs as his passenger
If the Chiefs win, I will draw the Walrus, stuffed after a delightful plate of buffalo wings

Battle of the olds. The Packers seem like the best team in the league, especially after casually dismantling the #1 defense in the league (even if they were hurt). I guess if I have to root for someone here, it might have to be the Packers. Rodgers has only been to the big game once and only has one ring. Watching Brady take the Bucs to the bowl in their own stadium would result in such an obscene amount of worship it makes me ill just thinking about it.
If the Packers win, I will draw a Rodgers conquering Brady’s pirate ship
If the Bucs win, I will draw the Bucs ship sailing into Tampa, ready to take this thing home