A reader alerted me to some minor, yet hilarious news. The Albany Empire have been booted from the Arena League after not paying their bills.

Brown became the majority owner of the team roughly 3 months ago. This vaguely got some attention pretty early because guess what? Brown pretty much immediately started skimping. The coach left due to missed payments. Players and staff got cheated on payroll. Now the league basically had enough and terminated the Empire’s membership.

I can’t find any story that tells me some of the actual numbers of any of this outside mention of a $1k fine that Brown received for comments and also apparently didn’t pay. I’m genuinely curious what sort of operation costs the Arena League runs at and what Brown wasn’t paying. Brown made millions in the NFL but I’m unsure how far those millions would go in a situation like this. Not that any of this excuses Brown for being a cheap shit, but I am curious how cheap a shit he is.

Small fun fact I learned while looking this story up: Apparently Brown’s Dad played for a former Albany-based Arena league team. I figured Brown just bought the team because sports business and he fancies himself an owner/investor type, but there was actually some sentimental history there. That alone would have made me root for him to get a bit of redemption if he wasn’t, you know, Antonio Clown. Nutcase for hire. Luckily I did not root for him and can now laugh. I feel bad for everyone else in the organization though. They didn’t deserve this.