Almost exactly a year ago I plotted all the NFL owners on a big graph detailing how smart and evil they were. I gave Rams owner Stan Kroenke the “honor” of the top right side, aka very evil but also very smart. I stand by that decision today, as one year later he’s added another trophy to his collection. Congrats to the Denver Nuggets, by the way. Well earned. Jokic rules.

There are several types of owners. There are the self-made businessmen fans like Jerry Jones who made their money and are clearly meddlesome shits with their egos wrapped up in the team they own. There are the failsons. Then, and frankly we are seeing more and more of these ghouls, are the ruthless businessmen who view the teams as assets for their portfolio. Kroenke is probably the model for these guys, and unfortunately…he seems pretty good at this.

Enos Stanley Kroenke owns 9 professional teams. The ones you know: The Los Angeles Rams, the Colorado Avalanche, the Denver Nuggets, Arsenal, and Colorado Rapids. The ones you might not know: Arsenal (the women’s team), The Colorado Mammoth (Lacrosse), and two professional game teams for Overwatch and Call of Duty. The Rams won the Super Bowl a season ago. The Avalanche won the Stanley Cup last year as well. The Nuggets just claimed their first-ever championship. Last year his Lacrosse team also won the championship. Enos Stanley Kroenke is in some ways the platonic ideal of the evil businessman owner. It brings me no joy to say this after what he did to St. Louis, but the man is smart.

He seems to have the right ideas of properly investing in the right people and getting out of the way, something the more ego-team driven owners have a tendency to screw up. He’s also very good at spending his money to make the teams a big deal. SoFi is a sports palace. I was actually surprised the Rams had a bad report card earlier this year, so I guess he’s also very good at getting results while skimping out on things. Dan Snyder in shambles.

I hate watching this ghoul succeed but if you are a fan of one of his teams and not from St. Louis, chances are you’ve had a reason to be happy lately.