How the mighty have fallen. Adrian Peterson signed a vet minimum contract with the Skins, who must be desperate after losing Derrius Guice Guice Baby.

He might not even make the final roster. It’s hard to believe Peterson has much left. He surprised us once when he came back from the ACL tear to light the league on fire. I have no doubt Peterson has the drive. But his body can’t have much left. His ACL comeback was in 2012. That was 6 years ago. Man that’s weird to think about. Anyway AD is washed up now.

He’d have you believe something different. He’d have you believe he’s the same weirdo who beat up his kid’s balls with gusto and rode a camel on his birthday. But he joined the Saints last season and was absolute trash, then once he left the Saints became one of the best rushing teams in the league. Peterson’s entire skill set is rushing the ball. He can’t catch. When he’s in the game, he’s either going to block or he’s running it. His very presence limits what offenses can get away with planning. It used to not matter because Peterson was such a force that even when teams knew he was coming he could blow it up. He doesn’t have that anymore so he’s just a liability.

Now he’s going into an offense with Alex Smith. Alex Smith. The guy who never saw a 5 yard dumpoff to the flat he didn’t want to marry and grow old with. Peterson can’t catch. Do we really expect him to work in this offense? Smith needs his dumpoffs. If he doesn’t have a dumpoff who knows what happens. He probably explodes.

I look forward to Peterson sucking butt and crying about it because he hasn’t accepted the time has come for him yet.