I spent the last few months purposefully resisting making any comics about the potential sale of the Washington football team. I was just as hopeful as everyone else that the rumors and reports were true, and that the bastard was actually going to fuck off. Still, after 2 decades of getting away with whatever he wanted, you just kinda get beaten down and expect the worst. Even now, with the sale reportedly over 6 billion dollars that this absolute scum of the earth gets to pocket, it’s hard to feel like a win. But it is. Dan Snyder is selling the team. One of the worst owners in the history of sports is going the fuck back to whatever goblin pit he crawled out of.

I wasn’t even going to make a comic about it as I have much draft work to do (again, expect maybe one comic per week this month), but Snyder has been such a villain here for so long I’ll almost miss him. The sale will not be official for some time, as the owners have to approve the sale, yadda yadda yadda semantics. This feels real though, and the buyer (Josh Harris, owner of the 76ers and NJ Devils) feels like a legit candidate that won’t get denied. By this point it’s clear the other owners want Snyder out. You can fuck with everyone but other billionaires.

When Snyder is officially no longer on the deed, I think I’ll do one final full week of comics to celebrate his demise, and then I’ll never have to make another comic about him again. We may not be able to hurt Dan Snyder’s wallet but don’t let that stop the celebration. If Elon Musk has proved anything with his pathetic attempts to be cool on Twitter, it’s that Billionaires have a hole in their soul that money cannot fill, and they still crave validation. We can send a spike of pain through Snyder’s ego. We can parade and cause him true bitterness as he watches people celebrate his absence. It is the only way we can truly hurt him, until society finally brings back the guillotine.


(Original comic by seebangnow)