Did you know that Nick Foles’ last name is actually a condensed version of “Fills Holes”?

Makes a lot of sense, doesn’t it?

Nick Foles apparently had the opportunity to become the Browns starting QB for the 35th pick in the 2018 draft pick. That’s not a bad deal for the Eagles honestly. But because the Eagles are run like a competent organization they actually asked their tripod of a backup QB who gave them a super bowl if he was cool with the trade. Foles said no. He’d rather serve in heaven than rule in hell. I gotta admit, pretty impressed at Foles’s stance there. Could have made lots more money, could have gotten to play ball presumably as the initial starter for at least a season, and there would be little pressure to be the hero since presumably the Browns would have still drafted a QB and Foles already achieved the pinnacle of football last season. That’s a tough thing to turn down. Yeah, he would have had to live in Cleveland for part of the year, but Cleveland isn’t quite as terrible as everyone says. It’s not great, but it isn’t Detroit.

Foles chose Philly. I like it. I mean, I don’t, because Foles is good, but I like that he’s now at peace with his achievements and has chosen to sail into the distance as a legend in Philly rather than go and sputter the rest of his seasons getting beat up on bad teams. So many perennial backups try for years to finally have that chance to start again and save their careers…look at Josh McCown. By the time he resurfaced in Chicago most of us forgot he even existed. Nick Foles had that chance, and he whispered no. Then he whipped out his massive dong and continued to get free food at every restaurant in Philly for the rest of his life.

Big Dick Nick is living the Alex Moran Blue Mountain State dream. Win a championship, stay a backup, be a legend. What a time to be alive.