Stupid Eagles gotta come in on my hours and break some big news and force a quicky new comic god I hate them so much. (Edit: and the Panthers, goddamnit)

Okay, lets start with what I think is the funniest part of this whole trade. Last year all we heard was “Eagles trying to trade up with the Titans for Marcus Mariota”. It didn’t happen. The Titans didn’t trade down, and the Eagles didn’t get to move up and take a QB. This draft? With all new coaches on both teams? The Titans traded down, and the Eagles managed to trade up to the #2 spot to grab a QB. The only thing that could have made this funnier is if they traded with each other. But now the two teams involved in the Foles/Bradford trade have traded up to get QBs and my god, this draft finally got exciting!

This is hilariously risky for the Eagles. They spent all kinds of silly money re-signing Bradford and then claiming Chase Daniel, and now they just mortgaged the future on the leprechaun from North Dakota State. Just…damn. It’s not like they are trading Bradford after spending that money to keep him (And no other team would take on that contract) so I guess the plan is to draft Wentz and have him sit for a season or two? In which case the team is in exactly the same position as they were before the trade, but now they have significantly fewer picks to build up around the QB in the meantime. Just…oof. If Wentz doesn’t pan out this was incredibly stupid. Obviously I hope Wentz sucks now.

The Browns got a slew of picks for the trade. They move down to #8, which is still a great spot, and they get a first rounder next year, along with some more picks in later rounds. This was a questionable move for them, too. Normally gathering a slew of picks is a smart decision but the Browns need a QB and they had a chance to grab one of the two good prospects. Instead now they are stuck with RG3 and McCown going into this year. On top of that, this is the Browns. They traded down two years ago with the Bills and drafted Justin Gilbert and Johnny Trainwreck in that first round. I think the next year’s Bills pick became Cameron Erving? Or Danny Shelton. So they haven’t made the best use of their picks so far. It’s hard to look at the Browns objectively anymore because it’s just easier to assume they’ll screw it up until they consistently prove otherwise.