Well that was a surprise. Maybe not that he was let go, seems like tensions had arisen, but not 1 week before the season ends. I figured he’d get 1 more year. Things must have been much worse than any of us on the outside could see, and that will likely be the most interesting part about all this: seeing what sort of stories leak out now that it’s over.

I don’t know if I’m happy about it. I actually kind of like Chip. I like how he screws with the media. I like his goofy face. I like that he was different. I was terrified when the Eagles hired him because it seemed like the perfect fit, and I was dreading getting ruined by him for a decade to come. But then Chip jettisoned all the stars (or let them walk like Maclin) and started to seem completely inflexible. Now it looks like he’s another Josh McDaniels. A guy who so believes in his system and his ways that if things don’t go perfectly it quickly unravels. No ability to adapt. It’s astounding how badly DeMarco Murray was improperly used. It’s crazy that they let the best WR on the team just up and walk away to KC. He traded one of the best RB’s in the league away because they disagreed and he wanted a linebacker he knew. He jettisoned a WR for weak gang ties but kept Riley Cooper.

He burned the team down. So many people were unwilling to see it, too. We’ve been fed so many articles about how revolutionary Chip was. How much he’d change the game. So many of us (including me) couldn’t be sure if he was really as stupid as he seemed or if he was actually a complete genius operating on a level higher than everyone else. Turns out he was probably just a stubborn college coach set in his ways getting a harsh wake up call. Maybe Chip was a fraud after all. And if he is a fraud, now I’m unhappy the Eagles fired him because that would be smart and I hate it when the Eagles are smart, stupid Eagles. I hate you.

It’ll be interesting to see where he goes. Oregon had a down year, and he’s still beloved out here. I’d be shocked if he ended up anywhere that isn’t Nashville. The Titans need a coach. The Titans have a young QB to build off of, and that QB happens to be the perfect Chip Kelly system QB, because he literally was that QB at Oregon. It makes so much sense. No other team is going to give him personnel control or much power, but the Titans are rock bottom and might just go for it. I don’t see him in Cleveland. Maybe San Francisco if puppet Tomsula gets canned. Certainly not New Orleans or NYG if either of those coaches are gone. The Colts? Maybe. The Dolphins? I don’t know the Dolphins seem really dumb.

I’m also now really interested to see what happens to Philly. We drank the kool aid and now that we ran out of kool aid the mystery and mystique of Chip that gave us faith is gone and it just looks like a mediocre to bad team with a couple working parts. I hope it’s miserable for them, because there are 3 universal truths

We think, therefore we are
we will one day die
Dave hates Philly sports

There will be no comic Saturday (I know, I’m sorry, the holidays are the worst) because I’ll be flying across country that day and won’t have time.