Doug Pederson out as coach. The Eagles retain GM Howie Roseman. It’s been 3 years since the Super Bowl run. That’s one of the fastest firings post-championship I can think of outside Jimmy Johnson. Just like Jimmy Johnson, this was clearly not the result of being a shit coach. This was the result of a power struggle. Doug got in a fight with Roseman and lost. Well, at least he spent his last quarter as coach getting a great look at Nate Sudfeld!

I was genuinely shocked. Ousting Doug and keeping Roseman seems like the exact opposite of what most Eagles fans I talked to wanted. Doug’s reputation had declined a lot in recent seasons as a lot of people began to wonder if Frank Reich was the real mastermind behind the run. I don’t think that was ever entirely fair to Doug. That Eagles team was stacked and outside Wentz, very healthy. They haven’t been as lucky since. Reich played a part for sure and Doug has his faults but I still considered him a pretty good coach and I think the Eagles are being fucking idiots.

I didn’t know much about Howie Roseman before this drama started so forgive me if I’m still rather wrong here, but it appears that Howie is the problem to me. The Eagles have not drafted well during his tenure, especially recently. He got in a power struggle with Chip Kelly before Pederson. I’ve seen a lot of jokes that Roseman must have dirt on owner Jeffrey Lurie to have survived this long despite a less than stellar record as GM. I saw reports that Doug wanted to promote Press Taylor, someone Eagles fans apparently hate (I don’t know enough to judge), to OC. That leaked a little bit before the bomb dropped. Maybe Doug really is just a big asshole who wanted to do things his way. But I think it’s telling that this is the second coach in a row to get in a power struggle with Roseman.

I am desperately waiting for a former player or someone to come out and help paint a clearer picture of what happened. There are so many ways to interpret events so far because there is very little meat to chew on. There are reports Wentz and Doug’s relationship was broken after the benching. If that report is true, are Wentz and Howie buddies? If Wentz and Howie are close, why did Howie waste a second round pick on Jalen Hurts? Who’s decision was it to start Hurts in the first place? To me, it seemed like Doug was backing Wentz and held out as long as he could until the outcry and play could not be ignored. Or maybe he wanted to start Hurts far earlier and Howie put up a fight until it was too big a problem to ignore. Hurts is the biggest wrinkle here. Why did they spend a 2nd on him? Who wanted him? Is Wentz a huge dick? Is Doug a huge dick? Is Roseman a huge dick? The only huge dick in the Eagles organization that has ever been confirmed is now on the Bears. I want to know what happened. I want to know how this relationship fell apart. I want to know.

Now the future of the Eagles gets even more interesting than “will Wentz still be there and start in 2021”. One thing is for sure though: this does not help the Eagles at all. The Eagles are neck and neck with the Texans (who have their own hilarious front office drama right now) for the worst situation to work for. What’s appealing about the Eagles job right now? The team is in cap hell, thanks mostly in part to a QB who is difficult to get rid of, may be an unlikeable jerk, and sucks now. The last coach was fired after a power struggle with the same guy who is right there waiting to hire you. The roster is a mess with very little young talent to speak of, and all of their stars are old and getting older. The Eagles will hire someone, but it likely won’t be any of the top candidates. Meanwhile Doug will likely be employed by the end of the month, possibly as an HC again.

They should hire Gritty.