I’ve played Fantasy Football before, and I just kinda got tired of it. I found myself in weird situations where I would be thinking things like “Okay Romo if you have to score make sure you throw it to Witten otherwise I won’t get any points”.  You can even end up rooting against your team for extra points.  I got out before I got too obsessed with meaningless internet points and now just play a friendly game of “Pick the winners each week” with a small group of friends.

It’s kind of baffling how big Fantasy Football is. NFL.com, ESPN and all the major sports networks have designated Fantasy analysts. People will actively fret over who to start that week on their team, and who to bench. It’s actually stressing them out. Watching football in a bar you hear people cursing specific players and constant phone checking for updates.

It all seems a bit much, and this is coming from someone who is actively drawing an NFL comic and can’t go a day without checking for news.

Anyway I tried a simplistic K.C. Green-esque style for this one, with middling results. Making comics that are that simple is a lot harder than it looks, so I gained even more respect for KC Green and Kate Beaton, who uses a similar simple look