Yes, Rex Grossman’s full name is Rex Daniel Grossman the third. Look it up on Wikipedia if you don’t believe me. It’s just funny that the Skins technically have 2 RG3’s on their roster. I bet Grossman is kicking himself after Robert Griffin trademarked the RG3 name.

Anyway as a Giants fan I’d much rather have Sexy Rexy as the starter. Griffin is insanely likeable and I hate that he’s a Skin. RG3 has a high bust potential, but he seems to have the right attitude towards football, which seems to be a winning combo. Most big busts seem to have bad attitudes, so RG3 looks very promising. It’s certainly nice to see Redskins fans not so defeated again after the beatings Snyder gives them.

Anyway for the comic I made an Edgar Allen Poe reference without involving the Ravens, and I’m proud of that.