LaDainian Tomlinson officially retired on Monday after signing a one day contract with the team he carried for years: The San Diego Chargers. The future hall of famer ends his career holding 20+ NFL records, and he shares another 10+ with other players. With the severe rise of the passing game and running back by¬†committee¬†in today’s NFL, he might be the last record breaking generational RB we see for a long time. Sadly, he never earned a ring.

Anyway, always the class act, he held the typical “THANKS TO EVERYBODY IN MY LIFE EVER” Retiree press conference. That’s boring. I wanted to see him do his famous TD “Stand on my tiptoes and flick the ball” Celebration.

For those who are confused, let me explain the joke:

Drop it like it's hot

The Joke


Comon LdT. You wore an absurd Bow Tie. At least give us a show once more. And no, I will not call you LT, because there is only one Lawrence Taylor, and he would eat you.