This has been another commonly requested comic in the comments over the last few months, and it did indeed finally deserve one. JJ was a big character in the Draw Play’s early years because I liked to make fun of him for being one of those football robots who hates fun and probably posts very annoying motivational garbage on LinkedIn. But the fact is, JJ Watt is a future Hall of Famer, and he deserved one final due.

His retirement was honestly kind of quiet and low-key. Part of that was Watt himself not being the type to make a big thing out of that, and part of it was that Watt was running on fumes by the end there, long past his prime, and I doubt anyone expected him to last any longer. It also didn’t help the Cardinals were immolating at the time. Watt reminds me of Gronk in the sense that when he was healthy, he was an absolutely dominant force no one else could touch. A star that shined so brightly that looking at him felt dangerous. But like the brightest stars he burned out pretty fast. The injuries piled up quickly and he went from one of the best linemen we’ve ever seen to just an often injured savvy veteran.

I’m actually stunned how quickly we all sort of forgot about Prime Watt. Aaron Donald came around playing the same basic position and is even better, and we just sorta forgot how hype the Watt train was at its peak. 2012 was maybe the best year I’ve ever seen a defensive lineman ever have. I was genuinely mad he didn’t get MVP that year, and him being overlooked that much is actually what changed my mind on the MVP award as a whole. MVP is automatically a QB by the sheer nature of the sport. It’ll never be anything but a QB’s award to lose, even RBs don’t stand much chance now with how the sport has changed. Watt straight up did things I’d never even seen before that season and he barely got any votes. The MVP award should simply change to be a QB-specific award, like a Cy Young award is for pitchers. Make offensive and defensive players of the year for every other position to fight over. All of this is my opinion because of JJ Watt blowing my fucking mind.

Like Gronk I don’t think he was ever quite the same after his back problems. Still great, but not what he once was. This year he even had to get his heart shocked back into a normal rhythm, which scared the shit out of me in concept. I’m not surprised to see him go, but I will miss him. I may tease the man but I’m sure he has a number of important things to do now. He was always a class act of a man and a very giving philantropist.

He also was pretty good in his cameo on The League. You should all watch that clip, because it also has a different random NFL cameo in it that in retrospect is extremely funny.

EDIT: He saw it, if I never make another comic again, you know why