JJ Watt and Aldon Smith are currently tied for the sack lead with 19.5 each. They both have 2 games to surpass Michael Strahan’s record of 22.5 (Which many debate because Favre obviously gave him the record). So who is gonna win it? Mega Watt or Mega….Smith? Does Aldon Smith have a nickname? I need to look that up.

Personally I’d be fine with either player breaking the record, though I’m really on the JJ Watt train, because Aldon is a pass rushing specialist and JJ Watt is a frigg’n Interior Lineman, and I think that’s more impressive. I think Aldon is more likely to break it though, with the final game against Arizona’s swiss cheese O-Line. But Watt has to face Christian Ponder and Andrew Luck (Who he just demolished), so really, both could do it.

Side note: Both wear #99. That’s pretty awesome. Thanks, coincidence.

Lastly, have a picture of Martellus Bennett. Bennett has seen the picture himself, and dubbed it “mad ill”. Everyone should follow him on twitter because he owns.