Deshaun Watson rightfully turned a few heads last year by going on a Pat Mahomes level tear for several games before he died. The Texans looked like they had the QB of the future. I loved watching him but I had some doubts he’d stay at that level this year. I don’t think that as a terribly hot take to have, but so far he’s been meh. His game against New England was forgettable and his play against the injured Titans was better.

Nobody’s gonna remember that though, because his last play was an atrocity of poor time management. This was JR Smith Game 1 levels of not understanding the situation. Andy Reid would have been proud.

To recap: The Texans are at midfield. They are down 3 points. They have no timeouts. They have 16 seconds left. So they need roughly 20 yards in 15 seconds to have a chance at a game-extending field goal. Completely doable. You got like 3 quick plays worth of chances there. I’ve seen plenty of teams manage that. Deshaun appears to forget that and takes a full 11 of those 16 seconds running around not throwing the ball when he clearly has time before he throws it over the middle where it is caught and promptly ends the game. (The WR should have batted it down, might have given them an extra 2 seconds).

That’s the kind of play you want back. He tried so hard to find the open man that he kind of forgot what a clock was. Deshaun might go on to be a stud but he’s not going to want this game remembered.

Draw Play terror cell Spilly has graciously sent me a replacement video card for my computer, but it won’t get to me till like Monday, which means these checkdowns will continue into next week at least 1-2 days. We may get back to normal for a Thursday comic. But this week has been really nice in terms of not destroying my time and I think I may change the update schedule to be a little different to have two normal comics and one checkdown per week. Let me know what you guys would think if I changed updates to Checkdowns on Mondays (for quick Sunday reactions), then normal comics Wed and Fri.