Bless ’em. Bless those Browns. Not only did they win they did it in spectacular fashion during a Thursday night game everyone expected to suck. They did it during a single half of football against the guy many thought was the better prospect. My goodness, bless the Browns. 1-1-1 baby!

Sometime early in the game a possum somehow ended up in the stadium. A badass country boy Browns fan grabbed the possum and threw it in a box. It is now the Rally Possum. Forget dogs. Who needs dogs anyway? I’m gonna throw my own dog out the window right now brb.

Maybe the Browns were possums all along. Playing dead, but full of sinister ugly life. And we’ve woken them up.

Okay, so that was a pretty awesome game and maybe Baker helped bring out what this team can actually be. The instant life that the team showed with Mayfield back there can’t be overstated. We’re going to enter the Mayfield era and it’s gonna own.

Writing this Sunday night so I dunno if my computer will be back to normal conditions in time to make a regular comic for Thursday. I’ll keep making everyday Checkdowns for the time being and provide updates as I go.