It’s funny how a movie that got so controversial vanished from the public mind so fast. The internet got so up in a huff about this damn movie for over a year seemingly based around one thing (Ladies were involved) and then it comes out, does mediocre business, and everyone forgets about it in minutes. Which is exactly what I expected and why I didn’t bother to see it. I found the outrage hilarious because it looked like the same as every other pointless remake of a classic that’s come out in the past few years. Robocop, Total Recall, Poltergiest, Point Break. Remember these stellar remakes? No you don’t. They were bland, competent products meant to earn back their money on pandering nostalgia for the classics. Please Hollywood, if you get anything from Ghostbusters’ mediocre to disappointing box office, it’s that you need to stop pointlessly remaking shit that was already perfectly timeless. As RLM said, “Congrats Internet, you wasted your time”.  This movie never deserved to be anything but forgotten. Which I think it already has been.

Honestly, for as important a movie as the feminist side of the argument was making it out to be, it probably shouldn’t have been. This isn’t some big step forward for women in major roles. This felt like Sony had a soulless product remake on it’s hands and needed a way to sell it, so they came up with the female cast. It felt like a gimmick. These women didn’t get a real place to showcase why they are worth starring roles, they got stuck in a pandering product that was always going to be overshadowed by the original film. If anything, it strikes me almost as another example of Hollywood kind of screwing women over, by making them the gimmick to sell mediocre pandering disguised as a movie. I guess it sort of worked, feminists rallied behind it. But it makes me wonder if the movie would have gotten the attention at all if the cast was dudes. The female cast was the only aspect of the production that seemed interesting, because it was the only thing that looked new and different

Ghostbusters and remakes in general really are like the New Browns. The old Browns were a classic. Jim Brown, that’s a football player. They had some okay to decent sequels well into the 80’s and early 90’s, but they weren’t quite the same team. But those teams get looked upon fondly now, don’t they? These new Browns have been nothing but disappointing to the point where it’s almost sad they remade them at all. This isn’t the team we wanted. We wanted more Browns, not this new crap. They can dress it up with gimmick selling points like dumb new uniforms and Johnny Trainwreck but it’s just another pointless remake. They need to get a real director in there to find what was great about the franchise again.