In honor of Hue Jackson’s career in Cleveland, this comic took far too long to go out.

In almost 2 decades of spectacular failure Hue Jackson might genuinely be the worst coach the Browns had. What a disaster. That he wasn’t let go at the end of last season was astonishing in itself, especially after the Browns abandoned the moneyball route and decided to run their team normally again. But Hue was given one more chance to turn this team into something halfway decent and he still failed. What’s sad is that this was technically his best season as a head coach. By a genuine percentage. How pathetic.

I don’t know if I can remember a head coach with an ego so disproportionate to actual ability. I was excited when Hue took over in Cleveland: he genuinely seemed to turn Andy Dalton into a playoff caliber QB and he got shafted out of Oakland due to Al Davis dying and the new GM coming in. I thought the Browns were lucky to have him. I didn’t think he’d be great, but I thought he was a decent coach. But yeesh. Such an ego.

Coach joins team that is committed to a new style of management, knowing things won’t be good immediately. Is generally given the benefit of the doubt despite still only winning 1 game. Then he gets in a power struggle with Sashi Brown over AJ McCarron of all people. Sashi rightfully nixed a stupid trade and paid the price. We can debate whether Sashi was actually a good GM but this didn’t even feel like he got fired for that. Hue gets a better GM, manages to stick around, willingly gives up playcalling, and then gets in another power struggle with Todd Haley (Also a douche and also fired) and now both are gone. Hue’s tenure is best marked with L’s and telling everyone how not his fault it was. Sure. he’d open up press conferences by saying “That’s on me, etc” but that’s the PR canned answer all coaches give no matter what. Ben McAdoo would say that then spend the next ten minutes dumping on Eli. Even if he had a point (especially in hindsight) about Eli, that’s not what coaches do.

Hue always seemed to genuinely blame everyone else. If he only had a better QB. If he only had better players. If he only had better assistants. If he only had better everything, then he wouldn’t have sucked. Gus Bradley inherited an arguably worse team in the Jaguars and still managed to win 2 games in his worst season. Hue managed that in his best. The one true constant between all 2 1/2 seasons of Hue Jackson’s tenure was Hue Jackson. At what point is he going to look in the mirror and face himself? Well, he would look in the mirror, but when he saw the ugly visage staring back at him he’d just say he would have looked good if he had a better mirror.

Go be miserable somewhere else, Hue. I can’t believe I’m honestly excited to see if Gggreggggg Williams of all people can do something with this team.