All you mongrels clamoring for a Lamar comic in the comments of the last comic: here you go. You happy now?

Honestly, I had trouble coming up with anything because the Lamar situation more or less ended with a conventional plop. He got paid. It was a very big contract. It should have been a very big contract. All the drama and the possibility of him going elsewhere didn’t lead to much. He didn’t get screwed, he didn’t screw the Ravens, he didn’t switch teams, he got it done before the draft, and he got a hefty price tag on par with QBs of his skill level. A lot of hullabaloo for nothing.

So Lamar stays a Raven. He has two new weapons with Zay Flowers and whatever OBJ is still capable of doing. He has a new offensive coordinator Todd Monken from Georgia. Monken brings an undeniably more exciting brand of football to the team than Greg “How many boring ways can we run the ball” Roman. Lamar more or less ended this entire transition as the winner. He’s got his bag. His future in Baltimore is secure. He got weapons. He got new coaching. Now all he has to do is deliver and make it work. That’s the hard part that might not work out even through no fault of his own.

Everyone gave the man a lot of shit for not having an agent, me included, but I guess when you play a premium position at a very high level you can still pretty much get what you want. If he doesn’t know what to spend all that money on, he should give Joe Flacco a call.

EDIT: No comic Monday or Wednesday, on a mini road trip and wont have the time