So Carson Wentz got benched, Jalen Hurts got the start, and the Eagles beat the Saints. Not a great week for the Wentz Truthers!

I have been lapping the tears of the Wentz truthers for a while now, even getting in arguments on twitter arguing for Hurts to start against Eagles fans who won’t admit Wentz is ass right now. Maybe because it’s pretty obvious they are all in denial about their boy and I enjoy trolling delusional fans and also hate the Eagles. I should technically be demanding Wentz keep playing so the Eagles suck even more. Or maybe not, if they win another game or two with Hurts they might still make the playoffs and get a bad draft pick. The point is, Carson Wentz is ass right now, some people can’t admit it, and it’s fun to poke them with a stick.

HOWEVER, to be polite, gracious, and generous in my trolling, I will present my argument to them in a sympathetic way. I think I’ve had such a fun time watching the Wentz truthers spiral into denial because it’s fun to see what I went through from the outside for once. Yeah. I’ve been where Wentzers are right now, just a few years ago. When Eli was in his decline. So I honestly understand what they are going through.

Wentz is their boy, Eli was my boy. When the team started to decline, it was me out there defending my boy. Eli wasn’t the problem. The O-line was the problem. His receivers were the problem. The coaching was the problem. The GM was the problem. The defense was the problem. If Eli played bad, it was someone else’s fault. It was a cascade of problems that made him bad, he couldn’t be blamed. Eventually that graduated to Eli was a problem, but not the problem. You may have seen Wentzers use their own variation of that same line. It took me maybe an extra season or two to finally just admit it to myself: Eli wasn’t good anymore. He was making bad decisions, he was taking bad sacks, he wasn’t throwing as well, and not everything could be laid at the feet of the o-line or coaching. Eli was not good.

Wentzers haven’t hit that point yet. They are still blaming everything else. Why? Because the idea that Wentz is bad now, possibly forever, is depressing and scary to them. This was their boy. He was on track to be MVP in 2017 before his injury. He may not have personally delivered the Super Bowl, but he was a huge reason why they were even in position to deliver in the first place. They don’t get the #1 seed without his season. Wentz won them over. Now, a few years and more injuries later, the team is crumbling apart. The farther we get from the championship, the more that team feels like a fluke. The 2017 Eagles were just a great team that put it together all at once and won the chip. They weren’t going to last. Lotta folks are probably still in denial about that one too. They shouldn’t be. Unless you are a Patriots fan, lucky seasons where everything comes together is kinda the only way teams win it anymore.

Wentz truthers have thrown the blame everywhere but Wentz so far. The o-line is a mess. The run game is weak. The receivers are bad. The coaching is terrible. The defense is broken. The injuries are too much. “How can Wentz possibly be good in these circumstances?” they say. Before Sunday, they’d also add “If they put Hurts in, he won’t play any better!” (Then he did play better, uh oh).

Wentzers are a group of Eagles fans who are seeing Wentz get all the blame and getting frustrated about it, and then swinging too far in the opposite direction. Wentzers aren’t exactly wrong about any of these problems with the Eagles. All of those things are true. The team is playing like ass. They are hurt. The coaching is bad. But all of those things can be true in tandem with another truth: Wentz can also be bad. He looks fucking terrible this year. Everything is bad, and Wentz deserves his share of the blame. He is a problem. He is bad. When your backup QB that nobody really had much of an opinion of comes in and immediately the entire team looks better…that’s a huge fucking indictment of Carson Wentz.

Hurts was playing with the same “dreadful” O-line. He took no sacks. He ran for over 100 yards. He didn’t throw much, but he also never threw a pick. He did this against arguably the best team in the NFC, a team winning primarily due to incredible defense. Hurts had an extremely difficult task ahead of him for his first start and he did well enough to win. Carson Wentz looked like a pickle against far worse defenses. The gameplan was generally safe, but…it worked. It showed Pederson can come up with a gameplan, and that the team can call plays and execute. Why wasn’t this happening as much under Wentz? Maybe…Wentz is a problem? Maybe a lot of those sacks he takes…are because he doesn’t throw the ball away in time, has poor vision, and tries to play hero ball and extend plays? Maybe he threw so many picks this year not just because his targets are complete ass…but because he was also making poor decisions, forcing throws, and not seeing the field well? Maybe the playcalls seemed awful because Wentz broke the plays sometimes? MAYBE THERE IS A REASON THE EAGLES DECIDED TO SPEND A 2ND ROUND PICK ON A QB EVEN AFTER THEY GAVE THEIR GUY A HUGE DEAL.

And with that we’ve come to arguably the biggest problem. The Eagles are stuck with Wentz. That contract is crushing. If there wasn’t so much investment in Wentz being the franchise guy, I think he’d have been benched several weeks ago. Wentz might not play another down this year but he’s still likely the day #1 starter next season simply due to how much money is wrapped up in the guy. He can’t be cut or traded without a huge dead money hit. I also don’t think he should be traded or cut. Wentz has been terrible this year but he was alright in 2019 and yeah, the team around him has also been ass. It’s quite possible this benching could be exactly what Wentz needs because a lot of his errors seem mental. If he takes this time to reset himself, work on his mechanics a bit, he could be just fine. It’s also not like Hurts looked like Mahomes out there, and it’s only been one game. Hurts could still go out and stink it up.

There is plenty of football left to see, so my gloating may mean nothing in a matter of days. But dammit, next time you see a Wentzer in denial just remind them that everything they’ve said, every excuse they’ve used, are all the same things that all of us have said as we watched our favorite players decline. Sometimes it’s better to admit your guy isn’t perfect.