I feel bad for Josh McCown. Dude is 40 years old and has suited up for what feels like a 4th of the NFL by now, and yet had never actually played a playoff game in that entire timeframe. 20 years of football and he never once got on the field for some playoff action.

He retires, then the Eagles manage to swing him back into one more season to cover up the giant dick shaped hole behind Carson Wentz. Then for once Wentz lives an entire season! However to do so I presume he must have made a pact with a demon that his injuries would instead be transferred to the rest of the team. What feels like the entire Eagles offense decided to “Pull a Wentz” and die in tragedy after tragedy. Surprisingly, despite a faltering line, no targets to speak of, and a history of getting pummeled into paste, Wentz lived.

Until roughly 1 quarter into a playoff game. I guess his demon pact didn’t come with the playoffs included in the package. Probably offered as a downloadable DLC. Demons are getting awful about those damn micro transactions.

After Wentz died (to an unflagged dirty hit to the back of his head), the game was more or less over. McCown is a football folk hero but there is only so much to do when your supporting cast is leper colony castoffs and various trinkets found in a flea market bin. The game ended up being a complete slog, ending our streak of excellent chaos with a typical of 2019 Seahawks gross and sloppy victory. The Eagles had a chance to win it, but it just didn’t work out.

Honestly, if I was an Eagles fan, I’d punch myself in the dick until I passed out. But I’d also be pretty hopeful for the future! Injuries are freak occurrences and despite a legion of death that would cripple any team they still made the playoffs. That’s a good coaching staff they got there. Good players too. Even some good fans, despite what Jadeveon Clowney thinks. Pro tip life advice to my man Clowney: if you don’t want a fanbase to be mad at you, don’t knock their QB out with an unnecessary hit to the back of his head.

Punch him in the dick instead. It’s way funnier.