Silly Vikings, never throw your trump card too early!

Everyone seemed to get all hyped up thanks to the Minneapolis Miracle like they forgot the team still had to win two more games. It kind of reminds me about the 2011 49ers, and how they felt after the Catch 3 against the Saints. Then Kyle Williams happened. At least the 49ers actually put up a fight in the NCFFG instead of rolling over and dying once things didn’t go their way.

I figured whoever won the Vikings/Saints game would be going to the Super Bowl since the Eagles were handicapped by the QB position, but after the miracle happened…my thoughts went Eagles. Never throw the miracle too early. Too many people were talking and pumped about the win. Not enough people seemed to be thinking about how the Vikings needed a miracle in the first place after being up by 17 points. The Vikings almost blew it and then had to go into enemy territory against an even better defense and do it again. It almost felt like the team was too busy being happy about the win to focus on the next team. I know that’s probably not true, but man the Eagles looked like they were playing a different team.

Also, the curse of the hometown SB team continues. We should have known it would end this way.

At least the Vikings got something worthwhile out of the year. They can treasure that instead of watching this crap-fest of a matchup in two weeks.