I love a good nepotism success story!

In case you didn’t know, which I didn’t until 2 days ago, Doug Pederson’s son was part of the Jaguars during camp. Josh Pederson is a Tight End. He spent this year on the Houston Gamblers of the USFL reboot. Josh did not make the Jaguars. He was cut earlier this week. He later signed with the practice squad, so don’t worry, nepotism still works.

I just have to wonder how awkward that meeting has to be. “Sorry son, you aren’t good enough to be on my team, so clean out your locker.” I imagine most of us have experienced disappointing our fathers in some way but getting cut by your dad because you aren’t good enough has to sting harder than most. What is family dinner like at that point?

Doug: Hey honey, I’m home! Boy, that smells delicious.
Mrs Pederson: How was your day today sweetie?
Doug: Pretty rough. Had to crush our son’s dreams. He’s not even half as good as Evan Engram. Disgrace. I don’t know what I did wrong.
Josh: Dad I’m right here you gave me a ride home

Do you have family movie night after cutting your son? What about family game night? Did Josh crush Doug at Uno and that’s why he got cut? Do you think Doug doesn’t trust Josh with the grill and constantly hovers around him second-guessing how he rotates the burgers. Do you think Doug instinctually slams his foot on the phantom gas pedal when he’s in the passenger side of the car as Josh drives? Or does he even let Josh drive in the first place? Does Doug get mad at Josh or is he just very disappointed in him? These are the hard questions journalists are afraid to ask.