Welcome to our very first ever DRAWPLAY PATREON CROWDSOURCED COMIC! I wanted to make fun of the way Ben McAdoo looks but couldn’t decide what I wanted to use, so I went on Patreon last week and asked my patrons what they thought Ben McAdoo looked like and all the responses are here. So I want to thank Trevor, Pete, Faltnor, Azeem, Joseph, and Andrew for their ideas. Especially Andrew, who brought the GOATEESAVER to my attention. I had no idea the GOATEESAVER existed, and it is my new favorite thing. I can’t wait to put a discount Bane facemask on my face to shave my beard into a picturesque style.

Ben McAdoo is a funny looking dude. He gets a lot of crap for it. He has the haircut of a well kept TV show 90’s teenager. Probably the protagonist of the show, a guy who is good at heart but want to be cool, and by the end of the show he’s wearing zubaz and riding skateboards (With safety gear on of course). He has a hat that he wears backwards, and it’s bright green. He enjoys drinking surge. His mom is a rip-off of Rachel from Friends. The 90’s were such a laid back fun time and I have no regrets growing up in the pre-terror wasteland of nothing that gave us Power Rangers and Pokemon.

While I was making this comic though, I discovered something strange. I took a picture of McAdoo to trace his head for to get it as accurate as I could, and during the process of tracing the head I realized something was missing. Maybe I found out the reason why Ben McAdoo gets a lot of jokes about his face, because something isĀ off, and we can’t pinpoint what. Know what that what is? Ben McAdoo doesn’t appear to have eyebrows!

Once you see it you can’t unsee it. Macky poo ain’t got brows. Why doesn’t he have brows? He’s not Ryan Shazier, who has an autoimmune disease preventing hair growth, Ben just has no eyebrows. Or the world’s faintest eyebrows. WHY DO YOU NOT HAVE EYEBROWS, BEN. WHY IS THE BOTTOM HALF OF YOUR GOATEE A DIFFERENT COLOR THAN YOUR MUSTACHE. Is the gray hair slowly creeping up his face? Will his mustache go next, then his nose hair, and his normal 90’s hair will slowly turn grey until only the very top of his head remains brown? That would beĀ amazing.