Rejoice, Eagles fans! Philadelphia will soon be catching touchdowns from Carson Wentz once more.

After his last season with the Eagles, Wentz was controversial as a QB. Some people thought he was completely broken and garbage, others saw a guy who was stuck in a bad situation trying too much and taking all the blame. But thanks to his 2017 campaign pre-ACL tear and some positive play in the following years before 2020, a lot of folks still saw potential in the guy. One of those people who saw that potential was Frank Reich, his former OC in Philly. The Colts and Eagles manufactured a trade to send Wentz and his garbage contract to Indianapolis to solve the Colts QB vacancy. I don’t blame anyone for thinking it could work out. Wentz seemed to be going to the best possible spot for him as the Eagles were imploding.

One year later and all of that is really funny.

The Eagles went rebuild with Hurts and by halfway through the season had figured out an identity that took them to the fringes of the playoffs, and now the Eagles are looking stronger with Hurts even though Hurts has obvious limitations. The Colts started rough, seemed to come together through a strong run game, and then when the chips were down and everything was on the line, Carson Wentz put together the worst possible game he could against the worst team in the league. The Colts got bumped out of the playoffs in probably the single most embarrassing loss of the season for any team. Reports surfaced of a rift between Wentz and management, shades of similar rumors that abounded during his struggling Philly seasons. Now one year after trying to fix him, the Colts tried desperately to dump him. And someone bought in.

Oh Washington. I can’t call them the Commanders. Commanders is such a bad name that gets worse the more I hear it. I thought I’d adjust to it, but a month out and it still feels like a generic USFL name. I had no problems adjusting to WFT, but Commanders is so bad. But now the Commies have their QB. They even took on the terrible contract. I can’t wait to watch Wentz stare down McLaurin and then throw a dead duck straight into a DB’s hands 6 yards away for a pick 6 from their own 7 yard line.

I saw someone call Wentz a pyramid scheme and suddenly everything made sense. Pyramid schemes rely on buying in and then finding someone dumber than you to buy in after you, with diminishing returns down the line. The Browns effectively are at the top, being the team that the Eagles traded with to get Wentz. The Eagles swapped 1sts, added another 1st, a 2nd, 3rd, and 4th to the Browns over two years for Wentz. Yes, the Browns fucked up those picks, because Browns, but consider that them using their scam money to blow it in another scam.

The Eagles got some use out of Wentz, enough to convince people he’s good, and traded him away for a decent haul to the Colts. The Colts were now the new dummy. Now the Colts realized they made a mistake, and have managed to pawn Wentz off onto Washington for slightly less than they paid for him. At this point, we have to assume this trend shall continue. Who will Washington sucker next season? The Texans? The Panthers? The Seahawks? It’ll be fun to try and figure it out. Eventually Wentz will end up as a 3rd stringer somewhere, come up in a meaningless game, immediately throw a gutterball into the arms of a linebacker, and we’ll all smile and gently laugh that this guy once got MVP votes.