Is this what the 60’s felt like but in football terms? What is happening in the AFC West right now?

The Chiefs are the Chiefs. They’ve owned the division for the past half-decade. They haven’t made any huge moves. They probably can’t. If anything they’ve lost some pieces. It appears as though the other 3 teams have decided to go all-in and meet them at the top.

The Broncos are the biggest splash, a mediocre team with one massive hole: QB. So what do they do? They trade for Russell Wilson. A massive upgrade. Not only that, they lure Randy Gregory out of Dallas. They also claimed DJ Jones from the 49ers. The Broncos might not be quite Chiefs level yet, but the potential is there and suddenly the bum of the division is now a genuine contender.

The Chargers were inches from the playoffs. They already have their franchise guy under center. They needed some pieces on defense. So what do they do? They trade peanuts to Chicago for Khalil Mack. Now they have an ace defender across from Joey Bosa. For good measure, they also nabbed JC Jackson from the Pats to help with the secondary.

The Raiders already made the playoffs last season. They actually looked like they were headed for a rebuild. Carr was rumored to be on the trading block. They replaced their coach and GM. My original draft of this comic was the other 3 teams posturing at each other while a wimpy Carr shuddered underneath them. But then the Raiders went and nabbed Chandler Jones out of Arizona and today engineered a massive trade for Packers stud WR Davante Adams. They are also going in hard. Nobody wants to wait.

This is going to be a bloodbath. The entire division might make the playoffs. It’s fun to look at these teams and compare them to some of the crappier divisions. Derek Carr is easily the 4th best QB here, yet if you move him to the AFCS, he has an argument for the best, especially once Watson finally picks a new team because the best the Colts will get is Jimmy or Baker. The AFC is unbelievably stacked right now and the majority of that power is concentrated in this one division. The other main power is the Bills, who added Von Miller. Jesus Christ. We will have to wait to see if the Bengals keep it up.  What’s the NFC got? The Rams. Anyone else? The Packers maybe, Rodgers just lost his #1 weapon. The 49ers? Trey Lance is a huge question. Tampa? Still fairly stacked but getting old.

The Chiefs still seem like the obvious favorite here. The Chargers love to Chargers, the Raiders are flawed bums run by Josh McDaniels, and Denver is unproven with no certainty that Russ will save them. But damn. This looks like so much fun right now. Also merry first “Russ in a broncos jersey” drawing.

EDIT: The Chiefs just signed JuJu, good lord

I’ll tackle the dreaded Watson news next week