Every single Chiefs game I have watched this year has, at minimum once, had the announcers playfully bring up the 13 seconds thing. I’m not even a Bills fan and I am tired of it. Did you know? Patrick Mahomes only needed 13 seconds to score! Don’t leave him much time, because you know what he can do in 13 seconds! 13 SECONDS! HE DROVE THE FIELD AND SCORED IN 13 SECONDS! REMEMBER THAT? Collinsworth has been the worst offender, to no one’s surprise. Collinsworth never found a soundbite he couldn’t run into the ground in a matter of two quarters.

Ryan Fitzpatrick retired so they cant bring up Harvard anymore, and there aren’t any college basketball tight ends in the league for the moment, so I guess they have to abuse something. Please let it stop.

Do not expect the picks post for next week until Tuesday, as I will be on the road Sunday night and won’t be able to upload till then.