Poor Tyrod, man.

Anyone who decided to watch the Chargers/Chiefs game was probably very surprised to see Justin Herbert starting. It seemed everyone was, including Herbert. I was only half paying attention to the game as I was doodling at the time, but I caught heard from somewhere that he had suffered a “chest injury” in practice. I thought Herbert did fairly well for a guy who didn’t know he’d be playing until the ball was kicked.

A day later, we found out the reason for such a weird start, and wowza. Tyrod not only suffered an injury, it was caused by the team doctor and it sent him to a hospital. The doctor was trying to give him a painkiller shot for his cracked ribs, and punctured his lung. YIKES. Please, Tyrod…sue the absolute pants off this man and the team. Drag Spanos into hell. If this is how the poor guy’s career ends, it’ll be so goddamn bullshit. Tyrod isn’t a star and never has been but you don’t want to lose your last chance to start because a doctor malpractice’d the fuck out of you. Lose it because you suck and the coach needs a spark, the way most QBs lose their jobs.

Honestly I’m not sure how Tyrod was playing anyway. He was getting painkillers for cracked ribs. Have you ever cracked a rib? I haven’t, but I’ve bruised my ribs a few times, and that shit is incredibly uncomfortable. Even with industrial strength painkillers the sheer amount of pain he must be in on a day-to-day basis sends a shudder through me. I say that as someone still currently dealing with his own bullshit pain. Yes, I’m still hurt, it sucks. I appreciate your concerned messages.

This doctor needs to be fired, immediately. This isn’t the first time the Chargers medical staff has had issues. I’m beginning to think Dean Spanos might be a cheap piece of shit! But this should serve as a good reminder that team doctors are not traditional doctors. They are doctors with a specific team-oriented agenda. Their job is not to treat you right, their job is to treat you so you can get back out there and earn the owners money. Tyrod seems like a super chill dude, but he absolutely deserves a bit of justice for this even if it was  just an accident.

I just hope he gets another start somewhere. He deserves to go out with more dignity than this.

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