In news that nobody noticed outside maybe Chargers fans, Geno Smith is now a Charger. 1 year, 1 million. That’s like a money golf cart.

We assume Geno Smith will never see action. Why would he? Philip Rivers is much better and never misses a start. Geno might get a few snaps at the end of major blowouts, I guess. But then…we all sorta assumed that wouldn’t happen with the Giants. Eli was the NFL’s ironman. Never got hurt. Then all of a sudden Geno Smith is the starting QB and the entire NFL melts down for like a week over the news. The move makes no sense and nobody stops it in time. Geno Smith is now officially in the history books as the QB who ended Eli’s streak and is the first black QB to ever start for the Giants.

So what if this was just the first taste of Geno’s evil plans to sabotage those better than him? Rivers has been passed the mantle of active ironman. I think he has roughly two seasons to catch up with Eli’s streak. But what if he never makes it? What if Anthony Lynn suddenly goes full McAdoo and Rivers ends up on the bench for throwing a temper tantrum one day? Or Rivers miraculously gets an injury no one noticed during play? What if Geno Smith crushes dreams?

If this happens, remember you heard it here first. Well technically I made this prediction 2 days ago for the podcast, but STILL. I’m calling it now. Geno Smith starts for the Chargers and Rivers loses the ironman streak for no reason.