The Lions offense has been a surprising explosion this season. Jared Goff, hilarious punchline, has been launching bombs and playing like the first overall pick he was supposed to be and didn’t get any credit for even during his good Rams years. Amon-Ra St Brown has emerged as an out-of-nowhere top WR with a wacky name to boot. D’Andre Swift has been electric. Even with injuries piled up against the Seahawks, they dropped 45 points. They are the top-scoring offense in the league. The Lions are capable of getting in a shootout with anyone.

So why are they 1-3? Because their defense is about as effective as my grandma trying to block a bullet train. Being able to drop 30+ points every game should win you most games in the NFL. The Lions are not winning. They are trying, but they aren’t winning. Hard to win when you can’t stop a cool breeze.

But the team still feels like it’s on the right track. The offense will probably slow down a bit as things settle in, and the defense might toughen up a slight bit, but the team has quite possibly found a way out of the hole. Invest in defense. Defense. Lots of defense. Of course, this offseason will have the question of what to do at QB. If Goff stays on this track it might actually behoove the team to keep him. Whatever the case is, the Lions are a fun team to watch and I hope Campbell keeps it up.