I’d feel bad for Detroit but I don’t even think the fanbase was all that torn up about the recent loss to the Ravens. Just felt like par for the course that they’d have a questionable call result in a ridiculous game-winning kick. It was like Lions fans just collectively went “yup” and took another swig of their absynthe. Lions fans know how to handle this. I can’t tell them how bad I feel for them. They don’t care. My words and my suffering are nothing to them.

I will say that I think Campbell has shown signs of being a good coach down the line once the roster isn’t a pile of shit anymore. Goff sucks and is a stop-gap. The defense is a screen door. The offensive line exists as a theoretical. But they got fight in them. They almost came back against the 49ers in a game they were being destroyed in for 3 quarters. They held down the Packers for a full half before the grip got loose. They broke the Ravens down to the wire and only lost due to the league’s most legendary kicker making a kick so long nobody had ever officially made it before. They are scrappy and they are going to pull off a few surprising wins this season, just you watch. Whether or not any of that means jack shit in the long run, well that’s for the future to know.

Justin Tucker remains a load of bullshit, but I love that he made a kick so barely that if he had kicked it from half a yard further back, he would have missed. Hell maybe even just a quarter-yard back might have been enough to change the angle of the bounce.

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