That was the best weekend of football I’ve ever seen. Not just the Bills/Chiefs game, every game. The entire weekend. Every game was a masterpiece. Everything was absolute chaos. Every second of this weekend was delightful. I am flabbergasted at what I saw. Just…outstanding. This is the kind of weekend that makes you remember why the sport is worth watching. Why the sport is worth fixing. Why the sport is worth saving. Absolutely beautiful.

Let’s just…look back at everything that happened this weekend
-Both #1 seeds got eliminated in the divisional week. This has never happened before. It happened in one day.
-All 4 games featured walk-off scores for victory. 3 of them were last-second field goals, the last a touchdown.
-A 27-3 lead, squandered completely, as the greatest QB of all-time leads another comeback for the ages…only to lose at the last second thanks to an aging QB finally getting a chance to win games that matter
-Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers got knocked out within 24 hours of each other and this will be the first year without one of them in a championship game
-Joe Burrow gets sacked 9 times and still wins
-The 49ers won despite not scoring a single touchdown on offense or defense. They also blocked a field goal and a punt.
-The Packers got eliminated by the 49ers, Rodgers big nemesis team that he notoriously wanted to go to, for the 4th time, and quite possibly his last time as a Packer
-The goddamn amazing Titans INT and AJ Brown one-handed TD to tie the game
-Patrick Mahomes threw for 177 yards after the two-minute warning
-Bills/Chiefs scored 25 points with multiple lead changes in less than 2 minutes
-Cooper Kupp saves the day for the Rams
-The world collectively shits on Aaron Rodgers after the MVP puts up a pathetic performance in what is supposed to be perfect GB homefield advantage conditions
-Robbie Gould sending the Packers to hell
-The Chiefs formed a comeback in 13 seconds, one less second than it took for Dallas to lose a game on a dumb call
-Tom Brady got called for unsportsmanlike conduct
-Everything about Bills/Chiefs. Straight up everything. That might be the best game I’ve ever watched.
-This is somehow the same sport that the New York Giants play

I don’t know what else to say. The only negative I can even think of right now is that we might get a 3rd straight year with the Chiefs in the Super Bowl and that’s kinda boring. But the team is still so fun and Mahomes still young and cool so it’s not even that negative. I guess Tyreek Hill still being around sucks, and the Chiefs Tomahawk chant is still racist. But that’s basically it unless you personally hate one of the remaining teams!

Here are the cartoons. I have included the Bills cartoon because I finished it too, and that game is the first game I’ve ever seen that truly deserved both pictures get made.

There is no way either of these games matches this weekend, but maybe we’ll get lucky and still get two good games.

This is pretty much the dream scenario for the 49ers. Only the Eagles would have been a better NFC matchup for this game. Kyle Shanahan owns the Rams. They beat them twice already this season, and I’m not sure how confident anyone can be in the Rams after they almost squandered a huge lead against the Bucs. The 49ers defense is unbelievable, and honestly, unless Deebo gets hurt, this feels set up for a return to the Super Bowl for the 9ers. The only hope the Rams have is to make Jimmy win the game with his arm, as Jimmy is easily the worst QB remaining, and he likes to fall apart when it matters. But still. I think the 49ers are going back. They remind me a lot of the 2007 Giants.
If the 49ers win, I will draw Kyle Shanahan spanking his son, Sean McVay
If the Rams win, I will draw Von Miller and Aaron Donald as the two T-rexes from The Lost World, ripping Jimmy in half

This one feels more one-sided. The Bengals feel like the worst team left. The Titans were a good matchup and honestly kind of a fraud #1 seed. The Chiefs are far too dangerous. Burrow to Chase is as good as any connection in the game but I’m not sure they have what is necessary to keep up with the Chiefs. The Bills had a better chance. This Bengals team has surprised everyone this year, and maybe they can do it again, but It’s hard to pick against the Chiefs. I’m predicting a Chiefs/49ers rematch, which is the most boring outcome IMO, but the most likely to me.
If the Bengals win, I will draw Joey The Tiger pulling down a statue of the Walrus as King of the AFC
If the Chiefs win, I will draw Kermit Mahomes pouring ketchup on Skyline Chili

Yes, you can expect an updated version of the Packers Playoff Pain comic this week, feels like a necessity. The other one will probably be about the overtime rule problem as the Bills/Chiefs game has reignited the discourse and I have thoughts.

Also rank your ideal SB matchups! Mine: