You know I had to do it to ’em

The Packers last dance is complete. This was likely the final time we will see this squad as we know it. The franchise is woefully far over the cap and will have to be stripped for parts to move on, and the biggest part that can be stripped is Rodgers. Rodgers already held the team hostage last year and flirted with retirement. He doesn’t want to be part of a rebuild. That was likely the last time we see Rodgers in a Packers jersey. The Packers put everything they had into this season and they came up with nothing. It ruled.

Before this year, Rodgers was a pretty well-respected guy. We knew he was egotistical and petty and stuck with competitor’s brain, sure. But he seemed smart and I would have had a beer with the guy. Then he held the Packers hostage out of petty spite that he wasn’t being consulted with roster decisions. He caused a load of drama, but the season started and it looked fine again. Then it all went up in smoke in an instant when he caught Covid and his entire persona as that annoying libertarian contrarian dickweed in your freshman college dorm got exposed. Oh, he’s not smart, he’s actually just Football Kyrie Irving. A guy who has spent his years being very good at one thing and thinking that skill transcends him into a higher plane of human. I knew a few Aaron Rodgers in college. The one that stands out most was a guy in my first-year literature class who did a presentation report on, you guessed it, Atlas Shrugged. The bible of every insufferable dweeb who has read about 3 books but is convinced he’s actually one of the great men of the world.

Later in the year, Rodgers went on the Manningcast and when asked about the bookshelf behind him, he pointed out Atlas Shrugged, first. A few weeks later he pulled a Kyrie Irving and claimed he did that on purpose, to rile up the media and reactions for his own amusement. The classic internet puppetmaster defense of “spout bad opinion, get called out for it, claim it was a con job all along“. This is the same guy who deliberately used misleading language when asked about his vax status because he knew he’d get roasted for his actual answer, but now he’s toying with the media on purpose to make himself look worse as a joke? Fuck off, Throw Rogan. Rodgers went full heel and watching the MVP eat nothing but shit in the divisional round, at home, in the weather that supposedly favors the Packers, to the team that was his childhood dream and has beaten him 4 times now, was the greatest schadenfreude of the season. I had more fun watching Rodgers get owned than I had watching Brady lose. The few hours after the loss were some of the most fun I’ve had online in sports circles. The shitposting was supreme. The world came together to laugh at this knob getting his butt kicked.

As for the Packers themselves, I doubt Jordan Love is going to be the next HoFer and they will probably regress to the mean if not plummet below it. Rodgers and the Pack should count their blessings they got a ring out of him early, because this past decade has been choke after choke after choke, saving maybe one of the funniest for last. 2 rings out of 30 years of Hall of Fame QB play is actually a terrible track record. I like to joke that Eli has more rings than Rodgers does. A more damning stat is that Rex Grossman has won as many NFCCG as Rodgers has. The Packers have been an obnoxiously constant presence in the postseason for 3 decades and I cannot wait till I no longer have to see that yellow helmet take up a playoff seed with such irritating consistency. I can’t wait till this entire generation of Packers fans faces the same problems the rest of us face when our teams have question marks under center.