Well that was unexpected.

I wanted to make a comic about the overtime rules but couldn’t think of anything so that’ll have to wait for the offseason. Then out of nowhere, this happens! Sean Payton quit!

Payton really cut and run, didn’t he? We got one year without Brees, marred by injuries, covid, and hurricanes, and right as the team faces a major sea change due to cap problems, he retires out of nowhere. Dude got Taysom Hill paid 40 million and skipped town. It’s so bold I gotta respect it. Payton literally just had Kevin James play him in a movie, he’s got all the money he needs. Now he can walk away for a year or two and live the high life and sit by while the Saints finally face the repercussions of the crazy money deals they’ve been making for the past 5 years.

I definitely don’t think Payton is done. I think he’s pulling a Bruce Arians. Step away for a bit while things aren’t great and then when a highly desire job appears on the market (like the Cowboys, probably next year after McCarthy eats shit again), swoop back in and do it again. I hope he doesn’t come back, especially to a team like the Cowboys, and kinda just enjoys retirement. He’s the best coach in Saints history by about 700 miles and I don’t think he has anything left to really prove unless he really wants to ring chase. My man deserves his rest.

So now what will the Saints do? They weren’t supposed to be on the market for a coach, are getting the hiring process started fairly late, and honestly might not be the coveted destination they might have been a few years ago. They have no QB and are stuck in cap hell. They might get Jameis back, but Jameis is Jameis with all the negatives that come with the positives. I’ve seen Saints fans hoping Dennis Allen gets promoted and that makes sense to me. He has head coaching experience and has done well in New Orleans. My proposal: hire Kevin James as coach.

The NFC South is going to be very interesting soon. Ryan’s time with Atlanta is probably coming to a close and they are in the second year of a new regime and suck. The Panthers are a complete mess. The Bucs might re-sign Brady back, but the superteam is running on borrowed time and this year the injuries showed just how fragile it can be.

Enjoy the time off, Sean. Felt good to bring back my favorite character from the earliest days of the comic.