I’ll have more time to better formulate my thoughts on the Saints/Rams debacle later this week but for right now I feel pretty bad for fans of both teams, honestly. The Refs stuck a giant asterisk on this game. It very potentially took the win away from the Saints, and it put a black mark on what was honestly an amazing Rams comeback. Nobody is going to give the Rams as much credit as they deserve for winning ugly. I didn’t think they could win ugly but they did it. It’s not their fault the refs blew a call. The Rams should be proud.

But I can’t blame any Saints fan for being livid about that missed call. It was about as PI as humanly possible. Rammed into the WR before the ball got there? Check. Didn’t turn around or try to play the ball? Check. Textbook. Astoundingly bad miss. Normally we’re mad because the refs over-call games. For most of the game I was actually happy that the ticky-tack stuff was getting left alone. It honestly made for a better game to not have a flag after every other play. But you still have to call the obvious stuff. That DPI was so obvious that Sandra Bullock would have seen it, and she made a movie about not seeing anything. It’s called The Blind Side.

Bird Box was mediocre. It wasn’t bad, and I don’t regret watching it, but it wasn’t great. The framing device ruined the tension of the past events because we knew who died and who lived. I’m normally cool with vague monsters but they weren’t explained enough and they seemed inconsistent. Why were crazy people okay to see it? We needed a bit more information, even the metaphors are weak because of how little we know.

Anyway Todd Gurley is a fucking legend.