Every big industry has this stupid problem of being followers of the newest trend. A breakthrough movie happens and all of a sudden every movie studio is trying to make something similar and cash in on that breakthrough, seemingly unable to realize that it broke through because it was being neglected as a potential solution. A new car comes along that serves an underdeveloped or neglected market and then everyone starts making them. A new genre of video game shows up and now it’s everywhere. The NFL is no exception to this and “Copycat League” has long been thrown around as a thing.

It makes the Sean McVay coaching tree stuff even more hilarious. The Rams took a chance on a young prodigy type and it has worked out very well. So now that McVay is a big deal, what are teams doing? Hiring young hot dudes who do fun offensive stuff to be head coaches. That’s kinda fun, honestly. It’s nice to see the stodgy old retread club get upturned for sexy young bros. Fresh blood and concepts are a welcome change.

At the same time it’s kind of absurd because it is not like this is going to work for most of the teams. They don’t even seem to be looking for fresh young minds around the league, it’s fresh young minds who worked with Sean McVay. Like they all expect these babies to suddenly be Sean McVay or better, ignoring that McVay is likely an outlier of sorts. McVay was outstanding enough to get looked at by a franchise in desperate need of a stark change from the previous defensive dirt-pounding Fisher regime. He may have opened the door for some more youth hires but…buyer beware on that stuff. McVay might have succeeded simply because he got lucky on the hirings and he’s a dynamite worker who really earned it.

One or more of these McVay imitations are going to fail miserably. I just hope it doesn’t make the league go back to old retreads when it happens.