Dorky QBs are my favorite. Maybe because the alpha doof quarterback is on my favorite team, but I love goobers who play football good.

What makes a QB a goober QB?
– Not terribly attractive, but maybe in a “awwww he’s sadly adorable” kinda way. Like a handicapped puppy
– good at the footballs (Schaub and Eli had bad years but overall have been good)
– infuriates other fanbases when they play well because no one wants to face the fact that a dork like that is so good at the footballs
– no charisma

Goober QBs are the best. Tom Brady used to be a goober. Won 3 super bowls. Then he married a supermodel and turned into mr pretty boy no championship. Peyton is a off the field goober but a robot death machine on the field. He just lost the super bowl. COINCIDENCE?

Russell Wilson is a goober. Just won a super bowl. COINCIDENCE?

Rivers is a quality goober. RG3 has no goober in him. Romo is kind of goober. Ryan is a goober. Every QB is kind of goober really, but some are gooberer than others. Kaep will never win cause he has low Goober factor. Goober is more important than clutch.

I just like saying goober.