The Fair Weather fan and the Bandwagon fan are in many ways the same, but I still feel there is a bit of a line between the two.

To me, the Fair Weather fan is this: The fan who doesn’t really follow the team or the sport until the team is doing well, then they trash talk and wear tons of stuff to support the team. When the team is winning, the fan wont shut up. They won’t tone it down, they won’t discuss the sport reasonably, and they’ve “been a lifelong fan”. When the team loses, especially to your team, suddenly all evidence that they are a fan is gone and they avoid discussion completely. As soon as the season ends for the team the flags come down, the evidence of support vanishes.

They are super annoying. It’s one thing to fade out of pure support for your team during a dry spell, we’ve all done it. But this fan does it differently. They are only a fan when it is advantageous to be one, and frequently doesn’t even know what they are supporting, as they will name off players that left the team years ago because they don’t actually follow the sport.

This is the Fair Weather fan. The Bandwagon fan, and how they differ slightly, will be covered when I get to it.